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How To Travel Japan Like A Billionaire

Traveling to Japan has a reputation of being insanely expensive. After all, Japan’s economy is much more advanced than its neighboring countries such as South Korea, China, Hong Kong and Taiwan. And why wouldn’t it be? Japan offers all the modern conveniences that most countries could even realize in the next 20, 30 or 50 years.

But let’s say you are filthy rich and will be going there for a holiday. Filthy rich, as in, you drink martinis with Donald Trump in New York on the regular and rub elbows with the Queen in the Buckingham Palace while she is having her afternoon tea. Yeah, that kind of filthy rich. Let’s paint that picture shall we?

Starting off your journey will be a private jet from Kuala Lumpur to Narita. Because, hello! You only deserve the best, no questions asked. You will rent a Private Jet using and they will charge you something around $89 thousand dollars.

(Photo // Private Fly)

It’s almost night time when you reached Tokyo. Now it’s time for you to get settled in your hotel and you chose for the most expensive room in Tokyo, none other than the world – famous Ritz Carlton Hotel. You better say Konnichiwa to this luxurious room as it boasts a huge bed, all – marbled bathroom and those Frette Linen Sheets! And from your room view, you will see Mt. Fuji, Roppongi Hills and the Imperial Palace.

(Photo // The Ritz)


You had a long flight and you are starving, time for some food. You decided to go your favorite place in Tokyo, in the Azabu area, its where all rich and famous live, time for you to indulge in Wagyu Beef, Yubari King Melons and some the local music scene.


Lovely! That Wagyu Beef really did the job, it was perfectly marbled and well seasoned costs about $2800++ per steak, you wouldn’t mind because you’re on a holiday. And those melons were to die for, around $6,000 per slice, but sometimes you need to spoil yourself, right?  Not bad, your trip to Tokyo is on a really nice start, tonight will be better because you will be meeting your friends in one of Tokyo’s hottest night clubs and your friend Akiko – san mentioned that she will bring the infamous Yamazaki Single Malt Whisky, you haven’t tried it before and this is one of the things you came for in this holiday. The Yamazaki Single Malt Whisky is so exclusive that only 150 bottles were made, nobody even knows how much it costs.

Food Japanese WhiskyTime for you to pay the bill and meet Akiko in Womb, Tokyo’s most happening night club, where it became famous for Asia’s largest mirror ball. It is in Shibuya, perfect location to shake it and let loose.

maxresdefault-1024x576That was a fun night. Akiko wasn’t kidding when she said that Womb is the place to party hard like never before – The Japanese really know how to dance – no jokes! After all this fun and chaos, you better head back to The Ritz for some needed sleep, you need to make it to Kyushu, for what the locals tagged as the ‘Seven Star Tour’ cruise via the new Kyushu Train, you paid a good $6,000 per person prior to this four-day trip, it must good.

You’re excited! The train can only host 30 people at a time, which already includes the train staff and it’ll be a delight to try it out months after its launch. This tour was made by the Japanese government to help Kyushu get introduced to the world.

Kyushu-Train-1024x614After this trip you need to rush to Kyoto as Chef Tokuoka (yes, famous one) invited you to have dinner with him in his very famous restaurant called Kitcho, it’s not your first time going there, but if this time if Chef Tokuoka will happily serve you his infamous $600 per meal menu, you are up for it. And you can probably use this time for some last minute shopping, happiness is best when shared, isn’t it?

7th Course: Assorted delacicies - field caviar with maitake mushAfter a week holiday in Japan, it’s time to go back in the hustle at Kuala Lumpur – nothing beats home, and especially with gifts and hauls you were able to find in Japan, for sure your family and friends will be delighted with the gifts and your presence. Some of your gifts are Sencha Green Tea which is a total steal for $65 per 100 grams, this green tea is only groomed in the Uji District, lucky you were able to find it Kyoto. It’s famous all over Japan and is only available for a short period.


Another good find is this Japanese Maki – e Fountain Pen “OVI” that only costs $197,000. And you won’t tell your dad how much it costs because you know how he feels when you buy expensive things for him. He does not like it when you spend so much, but you love him anyways and you want to see that smile on his face.

d90b4548c3And now you are back to Kuala Lumpur via Private Jet.

Let me sap you back to reality and ask you this, was it fun spoiling yourself in Japan? Now that is how you travel in luxe style!


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