KL PASS: How To Save Money While In Kuala Lumpur

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Traveling to Kula Lumpur on a tight budget? This is good news for tourists and travelers alike, the KL City Government just released yesterday (September 28, 2015) the KL Pass. It is a way for KL City to lure in more tourists from neighboring countries. It aims to please tourists more with its innate convenience (cashless transactions and delighting tourist by offering discounts to shops and restaurants within the city.

KL Pass, What is it?

The KL Pass is a piece of card with a microchip in it that comes in three denominations based on days 1, 3, and 6. For a one day pass, the stored value is 185 ringgits but it is sold at 165 RM. Three day pass on the other hand sells for RM 395 but has a stored value of 525 ringgits. While, six days pass is being sold at 625 RM for a stored value of 1025 ringgits. It’s more of like a discount card.

For the one day pass, you get 20 ringgits more than  what you paid for it. The three days pass, 130 ringgits and the six days pass 400 ringgits.

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KL Pass: Should You Buy It Or Not?

This is great value for tourists visiting Kuala Lumpur for the first time as it really gives you the flexibility of going around the city plus the value the card possesses. However, proceed with caution because, you cannot add more money in the it just yet, and if there will be excess credit, they will not be refunded. It will be such a steal if they were. And also, this mechanism kind of reminds me of Hong Kong’s Octopus card – kind of.

KL Pass Is Worth The Money When…

If you happen to get the three day pass, make sure that you consume your three days wisely. And for each night, savor the moment and try all the restaurant partners. You can get as much as 20% discount on fancy restaurants, complimentary coffee or drinks in certain cafes plus discounted airport transfers via Grabcar.

Buy the six day pass only when you are familiar of Kuala Lumpur really well. I’m pretty sure they are adding more merchants to the pass. A six days pass only make sense if you are able to squeeze your itinerary to fit in the six days. Will you even stay in KL for six days? Just asking.

KL Pass Is Not Worth The Money When…

You buy a one day pass. You are only saving 20 ringgits on this baby. It is only good value if you plan to visit places that require you to spend lesser time but more expensive entrance fees. Only worth it if you go for: Mud The Musical (60 RM) + Aquaria KLCC (64 RM) + KL City Gallery (5 RM) and KL Tower (52 RM) = 181 RM, the remaining four ringgits (4 RM) will then be forfeited. So in total, you only saved 16 ringgits. Seriously.

KL Pass Is A Great Value Because…

  1. You don’t have to worry too much about shelling out cash every time you visit an attraction in the city. It acts as a wallet while you are in the city.
  2. You get discounts from malls, restaurants and retail outlets around the city. Pretty good value.

Tips When Buying The KL Pass

  1. Never buy the One day pass as the cost to purse value is 89%.
  2. For first timers, better if you opt for a three day pass as you will say roughly 25% on the attractions. Make sure you plan accordingly though.
  3. Take advantage of the dining priveleges, this is where you can definitely get good value.

Visit their website for more information.


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