Mayang Mexican Food @ SS 26/9 Food Court

Yay for social media!

I have been craving for mexican food and most of the time, food prices tend to be steep in Kuala Lumpur since not a lot of Malaysians are accustomed to Mexican food, though I have been living with a Mamacita for some time now, we cannot find the ingredients mostly, such as the nachos and tacos.

Thanks to my best friend Zuza, who by the way is such a pro with reading and getting information from blogs and the internet, in general. She was able to find this gem inside SS 26/9, the Mayang Food court’s very own Mexican Food Stall.

To be honest, they are not the best but for the prices and servings, it is quite decent. For example, I had a big nachos plate which only costed RM 12, of which in other places would cost near RM 30.

cheesy nachos in kuala lumpur

In fact it was so big, three more of my friends joined me eating it, although I can finish this portion by myself, it’s so big that my friends wanted to take some of it away from me and the taste is ok, not the best in KL but as I mentioned, it is worth buying.

Another dish I tried is the chicken wrap, costed about RM 8. This came later after the nachos which I think is a mistake, because the nachos were really cheesy and after you’ll eat it something like a chicken wrap with a subtler taste PLUS the fact that there’s like fries inside (see picture below), a bit of a turn off for me, I’d prefer more meat or at least veggies to complete it.

Chicken wrap in kuala lumpur kelana jaya

And the other dish, of which I didn’t taste are some Quesadillas that were 12RM. I didn’t bother eating them because they lool wrong to me (slightly thicker than usual), I heard from Zuza that they were good but still a no for me, quesadillas should be made thin. Hehe!

Quesadillas malaysia kuala lumpur

To be honest, when it comes to Mexican food, I’m such a sucker. Plus the fact that it’s one of the cheapest eats around, I will still go especially for these nachos right here. To get there, from Kelana Jaya station it’s about 11 minutes walking, pretty convenient from someone who doesn’t have a car. Mayang Mexican food is open at 6pm-1am. So yeah, enjoy!

Map to mayang mexican food

There’s the map going there from Kelana jaya LRT. Not far! Good luck.


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