10 Things to Love About Malaysia

After the blog post I made about what I find frustrating in Malaysia, I know I have to make a post that I love and hate about it. Like everyone else I would like to immortalize my experience and what better way to do it? Post it online of course, hear hear?

SKIP THIS PART IF YOU DON’T WANT TO WASTE TEN SECONDS. Malaysia being part of the South East Asian countries is a economic tiger on its own. In fact it’s the world largest Islamic banking and financial center (I know right!). It’s blessed with a huge amount of natural resources making Malaysia one of the more sustainable economies.

Here are the reasons why I love or you should love Malaysia:

1 Geography

malaysia vietnam indonesia singapore

Malaysia being in the center of the universe South East Asia makes it an ideal location for travelers. In fact it’s very center you can take buses from Kuala Lumpur to go to another country in just four to five hours (Hi Singapore!) or push a bit more and you’ll end up in Thailand and the fares are reasonable. It also has a fair share of its beaches.

2 Diversity

Before I came here in Malaysia I have no clue who lives here besides the obvious answer that ‘Malaysians’ live here. So I used uncle Google and did some research back then. So basically it is subdivided to three races, the Malays, Chinese and Indians. And yeah, there’s another one, the Expats, there’s just so many of us here. I love this about Malaysia because you get to see different perspectives on how each one would tackle a certain issue and that alone makes living in Malaysia so colorful. You get to appreciate things that they do and what you do. You get the point.

3 Food

Char Kway Teow in Lorong Selamat

By far the most exciting place for me to eat. I had food porn all day when I was in Penang last September and I just couldn’t wait to go back. Being diversed as it is there are a lot of cuisine that is revolving in Malaysia, there’s Malay, Indian, Chinese, Nyonya, Mamak?… and this is enough to make your tastebuds go in an adventure. I have always been a Chinese food fan and Malaysia just made me love it even more!

4 AirAsia

Hi Uncle Tony! 😛 AirAsia is the leading low cost carrier that basically started the Low Cost concept in SEA and they are still the leader. Traveling is always budget friendly because of their promotions and well- connectedness, you can go to all parts of SEA, India, China, Korea, Middle East and I believe recently to Europe. Just WOW!

5 Businesses Are Supported

I knew this from an expat friend as they wanted to create their own startup and according to him, you can have five founders and with four expats and one local. The only requirement is have someone local in the founders and you are good to go, so if you have business minded friends, they can create something useful here. On the side, they have the Cradle Fund wherein it funds startups to take them to the next level. Ok, we don’t have such thing and I’m jealous.

6 Coffee

Not Starbucks but Old Town, I really liked it especially the one in Ipoh, very authentic and sweet. Just the way I want my coffee. And I don’t know how would my Malaysian friends will react to this but I just love the Old Town White Coffee Hazelnut flavor, when I went back to PH for the Christmas Holiday I even brought some to my friends and family, and they liked it! Awesome stuff!

7 Penang

Because Penang deserves a separate number on its own. I don’t mind living there at all. All the food I have tasted were delicious and cheap, comparing the prices in Penang to Kuala Lumpur, it is more than 50% cheaper. Penang is just the perfect place for Foodies but just watch out for your waistline because I am telling you, you’ll eat a firetruck there.

8 Low Inflation

SKIP THIS PART IF YOU DON’T CARE. Correct me if I am wrong but usually bank rates are affected by inflation right? Ok, I work for a financial dotcom and I am so into my job, I’ve become so fascinated with Economics. Everyday I have to deal with bank rates and whatnots and if I am comparing my lovely Philippines to Malaysia, rates for loans, deposits are much much better here in Malaysia, these guys even have student loans that actually exist. Sorry, this is a #ThirdWorldProblem.

9 Families Are Intact

Being here I can see that Malaysians are almost like Filipinos, we are really close with our families and they always go for meals together even if it is just a one meal a day and they spend holidays with their families. I find it familiar and it’s nice to know that Malaysians do have it.

10 My Awesome Friends

AIESEC buddies friends dinner

I am just so lucky that I am having this experience and I get to share and make new ones with my friends here special mention to Zuza, Ben and Jace. Being in a country that you don’t know anyone, it can be extreme scary to traumatizing but as I said I was fortunate. It is very comforting that there would be people that you can consider friends in a foreign land. I would say the best part for me was my horizon expanded, I get to learn new things from each of them and I know that I can trust them with anything.

“Perhaps travel cannot prevent bigotry, but by demonstrating that all peoples cry, laugh, eat, worry, and die, it can introduce the idea that if we try and understand each other, we may even become friends.” Maya Angelou


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