10 Frustrating Things in Malaysia

This is a random entry from me, you have been warned.

It has been almost seven months that I started living in Malaysia and so far I am enjoying it. Although the road to independence is still far, but at least I already started. *Pats himself on the back* I would just like share some of the things that I find frustrating here in Malaysia and the things that I frustrate Malaysians with.

Disclaimer: This is based on my experience and it can be different and unique for everyone.

1 Looking Like A Local

A double-edge sword to say the least. Because my facial features resonate someone who can be from China to Japan to Philippines to Malaysia to North Korea? Almost every day I am mistaken as a local. It’s good for me because there is no awkwardness when I try to connect to people in here, but it’s quite annoying when people insist talking to you in Bahasa, I get it a lot even if I am with so many people.

2 Public Transportation

I came from the Philippines A.K.A. “The land of the Jeepneys” (Read: Not the Pearl of the Orient). So even if we have a very bad traffic flow, choices for public transport are plenty. But when I first arrived here I was shocked that most Malaysian families have cars, leaving their public transportation questionable in a developed country that it is. But I have to say, they do have very good infrastructures that support its trade.

3 Aunties who don’t know how to Queue

Every time I am buying groceries (Candy, bread and Chips) #MEHEHE of course I have to pay for them and then I have to obediently follow the rules of the supermarket being the foreigner that I am (Read: I don’t want to go to jail), what confuses me are the aunties that just cut in your line acting as if you don’t exist. This happens to me more than 50% of the time. Not only that, even the aunties who have more than 10 items queue in the ‘less than 10 items’ counter. SMH.

4 The Abundance of Chicken

Chicken is cheap in Malaysia because no one has a choice. Malaysia being subdivided into three major religions, Muslim, Buddhist and Hindu, for obvious reasons pork and beef are not easy to find let alone expensive when you find them in the grocery or mamak. Being the carnivorous person that I am, I love all sorts of meat, especially Pork, and what confuses me in Malaysia all the more is how expensive Pork can be in this place, talk about three times more expensive than chicken, I miss my bacon. This is just a random rant.

5 Some Malaysians I’ve met are somehow Anti- social

This is just my opinion. Most of the time I try to strike a conversation to a Malaysian, of course he or she answers back, but it is contained on what I have asked and that’s it. I find it rude, honestly. And this is just not me, even most of my close Malaysian friends say the same, I guess this is just cultural.

6 Bus Stations

I have traveled to Highlands, Penang, Melaka and Singapore while using the buses here in Malaysia and I have to say the bus stations resemble airports. I came from a country where I consider the bus stations OK for my standards, you go there, get a ticket and you ride the bus, easy as that. But Oh-Boy Malaysians know how to pimp up things up with their bus stations. Good job to whoever designed the bus stations in Pasar Seni and BTS.

7 Everyone has cars

This I have to say is the most confusing one. According to sources, locally- made cars are so cheap, even someone earning a meager 2000RM can loan a car. Although, gas is one of the cheapest here in Malaysia that doesn’t save them from the high cost of parking and toll fees.

8 Concept of Dating

I came from a culture that we sweep a woman off her feet. Dating averages from 2 to 6 months before you become an official couple. Yes, no kisses involved yet I’m afraid. And when I asked some friends of mine, they say that 2 months is too long already. Usually it takes them a month or even faster depending how ‘aggressive’ someone could get. I just ‘Oh, interesting! And I thought I was being too Asian‘.

9 The Real Malaysian Experience

Almost all my peers here in Malaysia had experienced the real Malaysian experience and even I experienced it on my first few days. Locals say that you are not a Malaysian unless you have been robbed ones. Scary I know! There’s nothing I can do about it, just stay safe, at least.

10 Malaysians have a love-hate relationship with their country

I wish we could be like them. They hate their country because of the all the politics, rising cost of living and how better Singapore is than their Motherland. But even if they live someplace else, like Australia, the US or even Europe. It just occurs to me that many of the successful people that I know (personally or not) came back because they really love Malaysia and most of the guys they just stay because home is always better and the food too. Whereas for us Filipinos, we just don’t work overseas to get a better living… We work our asses off to escape our country. That’s the sad truth.

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21 thoughts on “10 Frustrating Things in Malaysia

  1. yes, we are a car country. πŸ™‚ can’t live without car. can’t really agree with you on the dating part though. well, i guess everyone might experience differently. nonetheless, quite an interesting read.

  2. Haha! its nice to know your thoughts. But GOD, most of the things that you’ve said are pretty true. And please, dont think that all of us are like that >.<

  3. Can totally relate to everything you pointed out! and I definitely second for public transportation! Honestly man, this is so troublesome here to move around and taxi is expensive! Only because of this i don’t go out much! and of course, everyone own cars here but it is not easy for a foreigner to buy a car either!

  4. Totally agree with you! Sometime I am scratching my head hard when they keep saying me come from China/Korean/Japanese/Taiwanese/Singaporean/Etc. Hey! I made in Malaysia.

  5. I would have to say that I agree with some points that you have raised.
    Yes, we Malaysians love the country but necessarily the political scenes, some people just dumb as they do not know how to queue, we hate the high-cost of living while driving our car to anywhere (even to the 5 minutes grocery store) and yes, you look like a local.
    Welcome to Malaysia.
    Perhaps if you want to see and talk to a chatty Malaysian, here I am. Hello there.

  6. I hate our public transport and hate our traffic light system. Today I jam for 1 hrs for a very short distance 4- 5km. Haiz

  7. Omg, this is too funny, LOL! When I was in the Philippines about 8 or 9 years ago, people spoke to me in Tagalog. Once at the airport in Caticlan (I think), the officer asked for my passport and she was surprised that it was a Malaysian passport! The dating thing here, yeah, I kinda agree, too fast – I have heard couples being introduced to their respective families two weeks after getting to know each other.

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