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100 Happy Days Challenge

Disclaimer: I don’t edit anything on my blog. So, excuse me from all the grammar errors. Last week, my new friend Leon Chan shared on his Facebook wall a challenge from this website, 100 Happy Days it basically says that you share something on Social Media about anything that makes you happy because according to these guys it is hard being happy 100 days in a row. Well, that’s a realistic assumption to say the least.

I tried doing the challenge for a week now and so far, I think what it is doing for me is very positive. Everyday, I always try to remember something that makes me happy that day, it is almost like the same concept of having a Gratitude Journal, only that everything is more web-based and nothing is written on a sheet of paper (hello to saving the environment) but apart from that, what I like about the concept is how you see your friends (who are also doing the challenge) on what makes them happy.

We all base our happiness in something, it can be food (ehem!), our friend’s warmness or just about any relationship worth having. So, what did made me happy this week? Here is a run down of things I am grateful for, although I wasn’t able to take photos of some of the stuff that made me happy each day (Hey, I’m trying my best here). And I’m not really the type of guy who shares most of the things I do in Social Media. Ok, that’s enough, let’s move along.

Day 1 (January 6,2014)

first blog post of 2014It is my first blog post ever for 2014, finally after five months of hiatus, I got back to blogging. There had been numerous reasons that stayed away from blogging for five months and they are pretty serious stuff, I will blog about them when the time is right. But anyway, YAY for 2014!

image (1)My colleague Georgiy came back to the office and he bought the team some of his favorite chocolates. I only know a few who loves mint, let alone in their coffees and their chocolates. I love love Cadburry’s chocolate peppermint and surprisingly this one is my new addiction. Best part of the treat, Georgiy gave me a tip to hang around in Duty Free more often :p

Day 2 (January 7, 2014)

image (3)

Watermelon is my to-go-to fruit whenever I want something easy for dinner and sometimes breakfast, it’s made of 95% water so whenever I eat it, it automatically makes me feel full. I don’t normally go to markets because my mom spoiled me rotten, so I don’t usually do chores by myself but I do remember some of her tips when picking fruits. And I was so happy that I can consider myself as an expert picker of watermelons. I don’t know about you but I like my watermelons sweet when I buy them, you don’t want to waste good money in some mistake, do you?

Day 3 (January 8, 2014)

Dhoom 3 with friends in a cinema in Kuala Lumpur

My friend Zuza is obsessed anything related to Indian. She is dying to see this movie right when I came back in Malaysia after the Christmas season but unfortunately we can only watch it on a different day because our time was limited when we met last Sunday. And since every Wednesday, all the cinemas in Malaysia have this special rate of 10 MYR to watch a movie compared to a regular rate of 15 MYR. What a steal! So we watched Dhoom 3, a Bollywood movie whose starring Aamir Khan. And although it is three hours long. I have to say, I loved the movie. Cheers to more Bollywood movies! 🙂

Day 4 (January 9, 2014)

Vertical Garden in Bangsar

So going everyday as I commute going to the office I pass this way, what I noticed recently is a newly constructed house that has a vertical garden, there are tons of pots in that area. And I just like staring at them because they are very eco-friendly and someday if I will build a house, I would want a vertical garden.

Saturday (January 11, 2014)

Sarpino's PizzaI always get curious how can American teens just live in eating Pizza based from some TV series that I get to watch basically. So I had this weird idea of why not do it? So I got two large pizzas from Sarpino’s and a 1.5L coke and tried to eat everything, the first pizza was easy but the second one I have to wait 5 more hours just to get me started. And to tell you honestly, that wasn’t pretty bad, I now understand how Americans can live with these! Although I feel guilty eating all of it seven hours. MEHEHEHE!

Day 7 (January 12, 2014)

Yut Kee's famous Roasted Pork with apple sauceThis has been a very sinful day. This was already in my plan as long as I could remember but I only get to try Yut Kee’s famous Roasted Pork with Apple Sauce, and I can say it’s one of those roasted porks that tasted the best for me, although I can get something similar back home. Hi Mom! But yeah, it’s worth going for it since not a lot of people sell these things here in Malaysia (Hello Islamic country!) but yeah, happy tummy, happy me!

Happiness is a state of mind. Always. It really depends on a person on how he or she perceives or tries to have a good time and how to choose happiness. It can be big or small. Expensive or cheap. Food or clothes. Kiss or hugs. Or maybe just a good cold beer! But no matter what, happiness is a choice and it’s everywhere. You just have to open your eyes.

So did you join this campaign or is there something that you were happy about this week? I want to know! Or do you have anymore food suggestions for me? I would really like to try them!


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