State of the Nation Address Thoughts

State of the Nation Address 4th by Benigno Aquino
The President of the Philippines delivering his speech at the 4th State of the Nation Address.

Disclaimer: I am no expert. So please spare me if I blurt out a few things that may seem wrong to your vantage. Again, ignorance is bliss. So let’s be merry! State of the Nation Address ko ito!

Last two days was our President’s State of the Nation Address. In this regard, Noy Aquino has the whole nation’s eyes on him in public television, in all six nationwide channels reporting his achievements for the previous year and future plans of his term.

Before I go any further, did you know that the four pillars of a country’s economics are tourism, infrastructure, business (manufacturing sector) and its people?  Here are some of the things he pointed out that really struck me during his 2 hour long speech.

On Personal Finance

He pointed out that why should spend billions of pesos in Defense if we can’t afford it. Whereas, we use this money to fund Education, it would be a lot cheaper and the impact that it can give to a lot of lives in the country. He also mentioned on being skeptic in buying big ticket items and being very strategic with the government’s spending. He mentioned about the DepEd’s haggling skills of having the books bought for P30 each (2013) instead of P58 each (2011). If you watched the video above you will be amazed on how much the country was able to save from that transaction alone. In this alone, I loved how he kicked it off.

On Saving Face

Let’s face it, our country by majority hates The Police because of all the dirty things they have done and got involved with. I need not name specific examples because I already knew that you have something in mind. Right? At the start of the speech he quickly went through the achievements of these policemen. A lady police was able to capture a holdaper in the streets from a Jeepney while her legs bleeding and a cop in Bacolod who was doing tremendous work in catching most wanted criminals in the province. Did you notice that they were mentioned twice? Well, what can I say, there is still good out there, humanity still exists after all. AND Good move Mr. President in making the Police shine!

On Continued Leadership

To become a good leader, you must be a good follower. Yes! I know it sounds cliché but he knew that some projects from the past (and I mean 1960s) are still worth revisiting because of the impact it can provide. Back in college, my friend Charmaine and I are always arguing why this country isn’t progressing and why do the trends in the GDP have a very distinct pattern? When a new President comes in, the economy is going downwards and it picks up until the President’s last year. We came into a conclusion that because of the heavy politics that the country is practicing, projects of a different political party from the current one are often neglected, maybe because of pride? There seems to be no continuity of the business, they just create new projects and forget about the old ones. Which spells, money and ideas wasted.

On Tough Love

Informal Settlers being Too Choosy had been a hot topic recently and it got celebrities involved in the process. If you know me a little better, you know my stand on this. He pointed out that the place of relocation is always thought of, the DSWD makes sure that it is near to transportation for those who are going to school and work, AND IF we only work hard enough, we can live to survive tough times if not better. As a Leader, you need to balance out every issue and make clear cut decisions that will benefit the majority. I agree that giving housing to these informal settlers is best solution. You know why? The main reason that they are getting rid of is actually slowing down the economy, instead of having the spaces they are living on be used for commercial purposes; it is wasted and leaves a not so good image of the city. We want to be First world right? Then we should act like one.

On Admitting your Weaknesses

C’mon! Do you think I am all out praise for the President? No way! The good thing about him is that he believes the country can do more and he addressed our weaknesses one by one throughout his speech. It is in our education system, infrastructure, agriculture and defense. Everywhere! Basically, if you are a sucker for sweet words (accomplishments), think again or watch again! Comparing ourselves to rest the world or even our neighbors in South East Asia, we still have a long way to go but we are getting there. We are!

Bottom line is…

Right now, I am satisfied with PNoy’s performance. He may not be the best guy for the position but he is doing awesome work, really awesome work. We always criticize him for the things he should be looking after, I agree on you on that but the things he is doing now for the country are really amazing (big or small) and he deserves praise! I just hope that next year’s State of the Nation he would be discussing more on how he can get entrepreneurs bloom in the country via IT and Innovative Industries and a plus if he is seeing to have Student Loans become more prominent for students who really wanted to study in the University but can’t afford to do so (maybe I am asking for too much… Maybe if this blog post would reach him, he can do something about it. LOL!)

So I criticized the President by giving my two cents (or maybe just one) and to compensate the country for my ramblings and complaints, I am going to start what I think I can do the best. Be the country’s spokesperson. Become the country’s model. Be the country’s image. Mind you, this position is for everyone and it can be yours too because everyone of is qualified and everyone is allowed to join. So are you in? 🙂

You can watch the State of the Nation Address in this Youtube video.


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